Call For Testing: HTC One M7 Owners!

  • Hello,

    I am working on a port for HTC One M7 (AKA m7_wls, m7_spr, etc.)
    So far, these are the known working things

    Working with additional procedures

    Not working yet [Hopefully working soon 🙂 ]

    • Power option execution
    • MTP
    • ADB
    • Screen rotation
    • Camera
    • Sound
    • Bluetooth
    • Vibration

    Not yet tested (need help with fixing!)

    • Anbox kernel patches
    • Battery life
    • Hotspot
    • Data
    • Reset to factory
    • Proximity
    • GPS
    • Carrier info
    • Calling
    • MMS
    • Network PIN unlock
    • SMS
    • Voice in calls

    Anyone who wants to test feel free to message me on Telegram: @WolfLink15 | Discord: -(WolfLink115)-#2391 | Here | or email: and I will try to respond ASAP, as well as take the necessary steps to help you guys and y'all helping me to fix these Not working yet or Not yet tested sections.

    -Wolf Link (or Levi if you prefer actual names instead of codenames/nicknames.)

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