Testing request UBports Installer 0.5.3-beta

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    Hey everyone, another Installer pre-release lined up for testing! We're using our new experimental user-testing platform OPEN-CUTS to test this release and keep track of everything that's going on.

    what to test

    To help us testing, just download any package from the releases page or get the snap by running snap install ubports-installer --beta. We need to test every package on every operating system, just use any Ubuntu Touch device supported by the Installer and and re-install it using the new installer version. Keep on reading to learn how to tell us the result, don't worry, it's easy!

    automatic reporting

    An important new features for testers is that the installer can now automatically report testing results to OPEN-CUTS. If the installer runs into an error, choose the "report a bug" option to make the Installer automatically report a FAIL run to UBports OPEN-CUTS and include a link to the run in the generated bug report on GitHub. If you have a problem that does not result in an error and you still choose to report a bug, the installer will automatically create a WONKY run and attach it to the report. This already lets us know what doesn't work, but we're also interested in learning what does! To enable success reports, set the OPENCUTS environment variable (eg. by starting the installer with OPENCUTS=true ubports-installer from the terminal). This will make the installer automatically report a PASS run, if the installation process completed without errors.

    By default, the created runs will be reported anonymously. If you have an account, you can copy your API token and provide it to the UBports Installer using the OPENCUTS_API_KEY environment variable (eg. by starting the installer with OPENCUTS_API_KEY=<your-access-token> ubports-installer from the terminal). The installer will then report runs associated with your account. You can sign up for UBports OPEN-CUTS using your email address. Don't worry, it's easy!

    thank you

    Testing the installer is always difficult, because of the many different cases and configurations to keep track of, so we depend on the community to help us out. Thank you for your help!

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