No graphics on my galaxy tab a 2016 (gtaxlwifi)

  • Hi, i'm trying to port ubuntu touch to my galaxy tab a6, i used the treble port for my tablet because i cant downgrade to android 7 to get los15.1, and i cant use los16 because the system image that is created has missing files. So i use the gsi, and it works, it boot to the boot animation, wifi is working, some sensors too, but, it doesnt boot to setup, may you take a look to the logs and tell me what is wrong (and, maybe, if you know how, how can i fix it?) Thanks.

    By the way, you can find my modified kernel here and the logs here. (Warning, dropbox link, use tor if you dont want them to have informations about you, i cant upload files here.

  • Update: i think that there's something wrong with ion. Ion is used for graphics so it explains why it doesnt boot to ui

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