UBports Installer 0.5.6-beta will support manual downloads and more fastboot flash flags

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    Hey all, just wanted to give you a heads up that UBports Installer 0.5.6-beta is now in prerelease stage and it includes some stuff i know some of you have been waiting for. If your port needs to flash files that we can't re-host or download automatically, you can use the new manual_download step to have the user download something for the installer to work with afterwards. If your fastboot flash needs some of the new-fangled cli flags like --disable-verity or --disable-verification, the new flags array on the files object has got you covered. Use caution with these, don't be lazy 😉

    You can find more information on the release page. Also see the call for testing.

    Let me know if we need anything else to make your port work with the installer, or if you have any other thoughts how i could make your lives as porters more enjoyable.

    Cheers, and happy hacking!

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