Call for Testing (now way easier!) UBports Installer 0.6.0-beta

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    You're familiar with the process by now: UBports Installer 0.6.0-beta is in prerelease stage and needs your attention. The good news: The Installer now features a GUI for automatic reporting, to OPEN-CUTS, making automatic reporting even easier!


    You can find all packages along with an extensive changelog on the release page.Take it for a spin with your favorite device and push that button to let us know how it went. Thank you for your help!

  • Hi @NeoTheThird
    I'm trying to install UT in santoni, with ubports-installer (version 0.6.0-beta), but I've just got: 'connection to device lost'

    I'm on openSuse tumbleweed, and I could reach device with 'fastboot devices' returns 34xxxxxxxxxx fastboot

    ubports-installer is installed via snap
    Xiaomi Redmi 4x have just been unlocked, then I've android 7.2.1 on it.

    Do you think that it could be an error with the installer, maybe?

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    Might be. The snap package handles udev rules (required for device access) that might cause issues when adding new devices. Could you check if another installer package, AppImage for example, sees the device?

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