Porting to Motorola RAZR HD didn't work

  • I'm attempting to port Ubuntu Touch to the RAZR HD. After a few hiccups (missing rule for a device tree utility, some incorrect include paths) I was able to compile everything, but nothing works. I flashed the boot and recovery images that were generated, but nothing happened - I couldn't see the phone through adb or lsusb and it didn't move from the logo screen. Has anyone else run into this problem? I can't even get logs from the device with it like this.


  • @JCLemme Yes this is normal porting experience and thats why we have so few devices ready. You first want to get recovery working, to proof the kernel build. Before recovery works dont think about the OS.

  • That's exactly the problem unfortunately - recovery is doing the same thing.

  • @JCLemme Ok but then smth is really broken, I would suggest to start building a LineageOS tree from scratch, and get their recovery working. Or, use TWRP as recovery, try to boot boot.img from your build, let it crash and then go into TWRP, use adb and get /proc/last_kmsg if possible