Nexus 5 Build 15.04 rc_proposed r158

  • Fastest Build i tested, still some bugs, no image or video thumbnails, cant share files, over telegram, facebook etc, sound is a little noisy.
    Bad battery life.
    Cant play videos on player ( maybe a decoder problems " codecs" ).

  • I have to agree with the battery life, especially. Android on the Nexus 5 gets me a full day, plus a little more. Ubuntu Touch... about 5 hours.

  • I've tried every channel - each one I've tried had their own set of issues - battery life wasn't really a concern. In each channel I couldn't get location services to work - this was an issue with my Nexus 4 too but after switching to the bq channel it was fixed. I could never restart the phone without holding in the power button while it was trying to restart. I created my own Plex Webapp (using UT Tweak Tool from the Open App Store I can set it to not suspend so I can listen to my playlists with the screen off) works flawlessly on my Nexus 4 but on the Nexus 5 builds it will continually suspend and unsuspend causing the music to cut in and out. I had problems with the date and time not automatically updating after a restart which would set the time to generally January 4 1970 (I would have expected 12/31/69 but never got that date) - RC-Proposed would be slow but would set the date and time correctly. All the Devel channels had major screen tearing issues. Not being able to send (or upload them to OwnCloud) the few photos I took was also a slight annoyance I love UT can't wait for it to be more stable - I'd love to help anyway I could.

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