Porting Ubuntu Touch to Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G

  • I have been trying to port ubuntu touch using ubport's source tree and currently i was able to finish building. I flashed boot.img using heimdall and was able to boot into recovery.
    After that I used rootstock to install the ubuntu preinstalled tar and system.img. It didn't work initially but after bunch of checking around I finally got it working. So after rootstock finished its job my device rebooted and stuck in bootloop.

    I rebooted into recovery and check /proc/last_kmsg and this was what the last line said:
    Starting kernel at 0x81808000...

    So anyone have any idea what went wrong and what can I do to get to working?

  • I've troubles with ubuntu-touch too ... I had to modify rootstock script to be able to make system.img after that I had troubles .. the phone just reboot it doesn't even stuck at boot logo

  • Reading rootstock script and modifying it to your needs is good way to learn this process. I have also been doing this.

    Are you able to flash and use the boot and recovery partitions?

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