Installing Custom Kernel on Nexus 5

  • Hello All,

    First and foremost, I am following this guide:

    I have managed to build and install Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 5. I would like to compile a custom kernel but I am running into some issues.

    First, I cloned the source tree from here:

    Then I placed the source in the kernel/lge/hammerhead directory

    Next I modified the device/lge/hammerhead/ to build using the cyanogenmod_hammerhead_defconfig configuration as a test run.

    Now, onto the problems...

    The first problem that I had was that the kernel was not getting the device tree appended to it, I was able to copy the original tree from my working boot.img and that bypassed my "dtb not found errors"

    Now when I try to run my new image, by running:

    fastboot boot my-img.img

    I simply hang at the google logo. I've not made any modifications to the kernel source or configuration yet there is still something that I am missing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I'd really like to start on some kernel development and I'm not terribly familiar with the Android ecosystem.


  • @altr0n

    I managed to get my own kernel compiled, the issue was that I did not have a console argument specified that I needed (I founded it on another post here)


    Needed to be added to my kernel command line args.

    Hope this is useful to someone in the future!