Can't get ADB to work on Zenfone 2

  • I think something's wrong CM12.1 on the Zenfone 2(codename Z00A, ZE551ML model). I remember adb over USB was working completely fine and it just stopped working as soon as I switched to CM 12.1

    Fast forward a few months, I'm trying to build ubports 5.1 on the thing. Booted into the recovery that was just built I'm pretty sure it's running since I've set the kernel to use a framebuffer console output so kernel's and init's working for sure, and goes into a black screen just as the wiki said it would. And adb doesn't work either.

    Checking back on CM12.1, I'm pretty sure it's not the USB cable, drivers or adb on my computer. I could use USB Tethering and the adbWireless software from F-Droid, but whenever I turn on USB Debugging, dmesg says that the phone disconnected and never reconnected. There's absolutely no data running through, just power.

    I've even tried setting it manually through the command line in Android. Went to /sys/class/android_usb/android0, disabled USB, set functions to adb, re-enabled USB. Nothing. But when I did the same thing again but setting functions back to mtp, it works fine.

    TWRP's adb does work though. And I've been looking everywhere for adb problems on this thing and I can't find a single answer. The only thing remotely related is this.

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