Is there a list of what works and what doesn't on Xenial?

  • I just saw that there is Xenial now for Meizu Pro5 (turbo)!!! I would like to try it but if I switch to it I don't want to need to switch back to Vivid in case something important doesn't work - like phone calls, camera, wifi, etc. Is there anywhere a list of what works and what doesn't on Xenial? - maybe it needs to be specific for each device... Thank you!

  • Basically Apps are not starting at all, correct me if Iยดm wrong @NeoTheThird - so these lists make not much sense, since it would read "nothing works" (from a user perspective).


  • Actually, there are quite a few apps that do start. I just installed it on my FP2 and it ran decently, though the mobile radio wasn't working at all. I was able to load and start OwnCloud Sync and the browser happily popped up with the tabs from my previous use of it.

  • Thank you for your answers! I am really pleased about Xenial being available for turbo! I am interested in Xenial because I hope the bluetooth issues would dissapear (I remember reading it somewhere that Xenial would have a different approach to bluetooth and the issues might be fixed).

    Is Dekko 2 working on Xenial? What about phone calls, text messages, calendar, weather app? Camera?

  • @mihael Yes this bluetooth issue needs to be resolved already.

  • @speedracer08861 Do you mean it is already resolved in Xenial? Or do you mean that it should have been but is not?

  • just tested for a short while the 16.04 image for Turbo and I can just say, wow!!! Buttery smooth interface, very nice upgrade!. Some app works, starts, sometimes crashes. Calling works, browser works, clock works, calcutator works, Open Store works File manager works...Surely not a daily driver, but I'm so pleased and happy with this big step forward ๐Ÿ™‚ can't wait to try it again later on.

  • @Stefano Thank you very much for your report! Could you please help me more with these questions?:

    • was Dekko 2 working?
    • did you use the ubports installer to switch to Xenial and back?
    • was your personal data lost or not during the switch?

  • @mihael The issue has not been resolved and they need to fix it already.

  • @mihael I did a clean install, wiped it all, so can't tell you. It's easy to do. Flash TWRP recovery, backup your current UT to external_sd, flash Ubuntu recovery again and flash it with ubuntu-device-flash. Then when you finish with testing, flash againg TWRP recovery, backup Xenial to external_sd ( if you want) wipe it clean (apart from external_sd) and restore with TWRP recovery. Then flash Ubuntu recovery and it will be in same state as before upgrade. Just like with Android.

  • @speedracer08861 Thank you again for your answer but I must ask just to be sure: are you talking about Xenial? or about the current Vivid?

  • @Stefano Great! When I switched to ubports I used the installer and everything was smooth and no data lost.

    What about Dekko 2? - did you have a chance to test it on Xenial? Thank you again!

  • @mihael Not yet, I might test it later and if, then I'll report on it.

  • @mihael Dekko 2 works, with some quirks, same as on 15.04. File manager doesn't. Bluetooth calling doesn't work at all= no sound whatsoever.

  • @Stefano Thank you very much for taking the time to test it and helping me with this! I will think more but maybe I will wait for a RC version of Xenial before I switch - my Meizu Pro5 is my daily driver...

  • flash Ubuntu recovery again

    @Stefano Could you explicit this step? I once tried to "fastboot flash" a Ubuntu recovery image I found searching the source code of MDT, but apparently it was a old one...Where did you get the last image of Ubuntu recovery?

    and flash it with ubuntu-device-flash

    @mihael According to the wiki, installing 16.04 is possible with both Ubports Installer and with the command-line ubuntu-device-flash (except on the Fairphone 2 where this method does not work) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @mihael oh yes, wait for rc, I will as well. I just tested it, but it's not ready for a daily ride ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @oli.sax FLASH UBUNTU RECOVERY AGAIN = I meant, reboot to fastboot mode(bootloader) and type in terminal:

    sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery-turbo.img

    where recovery-turbo.img is downloaded from this link

    and FLASH IT WITH UBUNTU-DEVICE-FLASH = I meant, opening up the TERMINAL application on your Ubuntu PC, phone rebooted to recovery and typed:

    ubuntu-device-flash --server= touch --device=turbo --channel=ubports-touch/16.04/devel

    there are more ways to flash 16.04, but I prefer this method with Terminal ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I have tested it in my pro5, I had a hitch,it would get as far as the Ubuntu boot screen,whilst installing and hang there,but it was installing even so,google+ kicks me off,even going in the browser. But wifi ,cell phone,email,FB, working
    not working,
    file manager, gps+ maps (not linking up).2g resetting after reboot still there.
    I was hoping to be able to update as we went along with improvements.
    The guys need pat on the back for this,very slick so far.

  • For those interested I would like to add these two links about the progress:

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