Ubuntu touch MEIZU Pro 5 - Back to the home button?

  • First of all, my congratulations to the team that keeps Ubuntu touch alive! I really like this system!

    I have a MEIZU Pro 5 with Flyme 6. I already installed Ubuntu touch via UBports, but for lack of my essential apps I had to return to Flyme. Now I look forward to the Anbox to be able to return to Ubuntu touch for good!

    Another thing I did not like is the fact that you have to click the arrow at the top of the screen to return to the previous page. If to go back was the button (physical) home as in the Flyme rom, it would be much better to use. Will we have this change to MEIZU Pro 5?

  • I am also interested in this. Maybe this could be added like a customization of shortcuts... like in a desktop OS - since not all the phones have the same physical buttons.

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