Moto G Falcon

  • Hi,

    i loved my old moto g 2013 falcon device. But the hardware is not so powerful.

    Is anyone working on a port for this device? Is Ubuntu Touch useful on such a low power device?

  • Hello, i'm currently porting it with the help of walid.
    I'm able to run 16.04 + halium 5.1, however it's far from daily use .

  • Wow, im happy to hear that. Is there anything i can help?

  • @einstein212

    If you feel to work on Halium, there is still remaining issues to squeeze.

    My work :
    Some reading :

  • Wow its great. I think you guys most port for devices that are most popular. like that of LG, Moto and samsung

  • @ernest Sorry for my late answer. Is it possible to run halium 7.1 for this device?

  • @einstein212 It depends if there is a stable LineageOS port for it. I generally recommend to use halium-5.1 for older devices, since the upgraded LOS can make more headache than it solves. If 5.1 boots, and can access all hardware, its ok and does not need an upgrade.


  • @flohack it is not better to be more up to date? I use this device with linage 7.1. I think there must be a stable base...

  • @einstein212 No, because this is Android: Every major release breaks a lot of things from the previous one. As we do not have the sourcecode for the vendor and device part most of the time, we need to stick with what works best. That means:

    • The device came native with Android 5.1 or below and has an official LineageOS port for 5.1 => take halium-5.1
    • The device came native with Android 7.1 or below and has an official LineageOS port for 7.1 => take halium-7.1
    • The device came native with Android above 7.1 => sorry, not possible to port ATM
    • All other cases: You might have to try first halium-5.1 and then halium-7.1 but the outcome is unsure for both

    Not all devices have good LineageOS ports for 7.1 available. Dont think LineageOS 6.0 will work with halium-5.1! You will face a lot of issues with that, since they are compiled with different build systems and ABIs, and you cannot recompile most of the stuff.

    Thanks Android-world, where everything is closed source!


  • @flohack thank you very much for your time to explain me this crazy android world.

  • @einstein212 Yes the best would be to have a hardware platform with all open drivers. World should start a petition towards Qualcomm 🙂

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