Porting UBports to a device with Lineage 14.1 base

  • If I were to port UBports to a device running Android 7.1/Lineage 14.1, would it be best to port directly, or through Halium?

    The UBports docs only mention earlier android versions, while the Halium docs also mention Nougat.

  • @zoomer296 No if you port nowadays, please try a halium-7.1 port. You will benefit from the support from other Halium porters, and in general its more streamlined.

    What device is it? If it has a similar chipset than an already ported device it could be a cheap initial build. The method to use the Halium reference rootfs for testing, and then adapting to UT is most useful, as you can rule out issues with UT quite easily in early stage.


  • @flohack It's the LG K20 Plus (specifically MP260, compatible with TP260).

    The unofficial Lineage ROM and source is available in this XDA thread.

    It'll be best to wait until that ROM stabilizes, but I wanted to figure some stuff out ahead of time.

    I'm not in a position to port it myself right now, but I may be able to point someone over there in the right direction.

    Attempting this with a nine year old laptop at a McDonald's with a 750kbps connection and limited knowledge doesn't sound fun.

  • @zoomer296 Haha does not sound fun, yes. But a porter needs also the device in his hands, so you need to find someone who got this thingie AND is interested in porting, this is sometimes not so easy.

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