Ubuntu Touch by Canonical-double starting process after switching my tablet ON-the same after UBports UT installation

  • Hello. As I wrote- my BQ Aquaris M10 FHD starts twice, at anytime I switch the one ON. First- the ubuntu logo starts light after white window appears, then once more black monitor, another complete start with white window, once again the "red" window with ubuntu logo and ahter the second process of start I can use my tablet. I cannot say, when the problem occurred since. But-after installation of Ubuntu Touch by UBports the double starting has been running as well and I have additionally less data space on inside "hard disk". Instead of previous 8GB now only 5GB. I'd like to make quite new and clear UBporst installation-would You be anybody of help to me? Thanks!

  • I've solved my problem by myself- factory reset 🙂

  • @ivo-valek did it reduce the amount of memory used by ubuntu/ubports

  • @marathon2422 Well, the free memory amount after Ubuntu Touch by UBports installation was reduced to c.a. 5GB and my problem with double system starting was the same. I'd tried the factory reset and it helped. System starts now normally and the memory amount is back to almost 8GB like before at usual UT by Canonical.

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