OTA-12 call for testing

  • @FlavioMala
    "problem 3" (rotation H-V) is back (after about a day an half since last update/reboot)

  • Hi!

    On FP2 there is a problem with the clock app setting alarm times. The first entry is not usable, it cannot be activated and is greyed out; other entries, even for the same time, are usable. See here.

    It is the same on BQ m10 HD...

  • @hankschwie and on OPO, running rc. 🙂

  • Thanks for your report, @Loops and @hankschwie. It does not seem like these are new issues in OTA-12. Please file these under an appropriate project, such as clock-app on GitLab.

    @FlavioMala, I believe this situation is the same for these issues. #2, at least, has already been filed: https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/1243. If you can find a way to reliably reproduce #1 and #3, please do let us know at https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues.

  • @UniSuperBox
    thanks for link. I think it may be the same problem (my custom ringtone have no udible sound in the very first part).

    But the real (big) problem now is in incoming calls: something has drastically changed from OTA-12 version 72 vs version 73 and now EVERY incoming calls have the orange ("home“) screen with left bar (app)... and no "ofono" app. To end a call the quckest way is: put the phone in fly mode!
    No one else has this problem?

    Another curiosity, not a real problem. The first day of may/month: the first time I turned on the screen in the morning, no circle was visible. Only the central information (n. sms sent). Turning the screen off/on the problem has disappeared and never occured again.

  • 2020-W18, from RC channel, hammerhead.

    noticed the screen rotation option in status/notification bar was renamed to 'indicator-rotation-lock', and now can only be updated via system settings.

  • @enrolado That means it crashed. Try rebooting. Form time to time, some indicators crashes 😅

  • Not sure where to report but I'm having hard times to install the RC on deb (Nexus 7 2013 LTE). I followed the steps from the Call for Testing article (update apps, set channel to RC):

    • The "Ubuntu touch version 56" appeared in the application list and started to download, OK.
    • (my locale is french) after download it displayed a grey Installation... ("Currently installing...") button.
    • 30mn after, feeling it was a bit long, I cliked the button and it poped a window. If the user is expected to click it I think it should be reworded as Installer ("Install", more meaning "Click to do it" than "Installing..." which means more like "Please wait, as it is currently installing"), and maybe go blue instead of grey.
    • The window is asking me to reboot and install (blue button, "Redémarrer et installer" in french), but touching the button does nothing.
    • ~one hour later the blue "Reboot and install" button is still doing nothing so I'm trying to rebot in other ways.
    • Rebooted, but still got the "Installation..." on the "Ubuntu touch" line in app upgrades, still popping a window with a "Redémarrer et installer" button doing nothing.

  • @mdk just moved your post the right place

  • @Lakotaubp Thanks!

  • Update about the problem (bq E5) in incoming calls:
    a) accept the call: 90% the (up) green bar appears; 10% ... nothing... but you are in conversation as normal (just no indication/app on the screen that informs you !!! Caution !
    b) if no green bar is present, tip on the green icon (phone) in the left bar: 5% the telefon app appears and you can tip on red button to end the call; 95% the app crash after a second and the green bar appears: now is the same to tip on the bar or in the phone icon at left... the telefon app should appear, but 80% crash again after a second.... repeat (in a test was necessary 3 minute of tentatives...) and if no green bar appear s tip the left phone icon (otherwise you are still in conversation with no indication, cauziona!)

  • Sorry for typing errors... with the phone ”keyboard” is a nightmare..
    Another test:
    a) switch back to ota-11
    b) switch direct to ota-12 w18 ( previous was w17 and upgrade after a week to w18)
    No change.

  • @FlavioMala
    Note: “telefon“ is a white window (with only this word in the up/left corner) that appears just one second before the window with numeric keypad. I think in german language: in my phone menu items are a mix of italian, german, english...

  • @FlavioMala, does this post sound like your issue? https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/1255

  • @UniSuperBox
    No. The differences:

    1. it doesn't matter if the phone is locked or not
    2. no touchpad on screen. If I'm lucky there is the green bar (up, instead of %bat, time, radio strength, etc.), otherwise only the “new empty home“ with the left bar... nothing else and no indication that the conversation is “live“
    3. I can converse normally (on the other side they hear me)
    4. phone is not blocked: I can open other apps, only touchpad with red button (to end the call) is very hard to recovery back (as I wrote in previous posts)

    but thanks for link: reading that issue, give me an idea. I can try to reinstall all applications (tomorrow I'll try).
    P.S. no change with rc...w19 (yesterday released).

  • Reinstalling all apps NOT solved the problem.

    What has changed: now the OpenStore app appears twice in app drawer (????).

    From my point of view... if no one has “touched“ the ofono app (I suppose the name of app to make a call), than something else changed between w17 and w18 interferes with this app (maybe only in bq E5 or in my E5 at least).

  • Hi, @FlavioMala
    Well OTA 12 is now released so it's getting a bit off topic here.

    I guess the best way for you to identify and help fix this bug is to switch to stable and open an issue in gitlab.

    You can provide details about how many calls you did receive and/or gave, how many times you had the issue and also provide logs just after the issue occurred.

    Testing and reporting is very important, so thank you for this.

  • @AppLee said in OTA-12 call for testing:

    Hi, @FlavioMala
    Well OTA 12 is now released so it's getting a bit off topic here.

    What?!? Though it was to release on 13th May?

  • @Keneda RC only. Stable channel is indeed forecast on May 13.

  • @stanwood said in OTA-12 call for testing:

    @Keneda RC only. Stable channel is indeed forecast on May 13.

    Yes, so OTA 12 is not "now released".
    RC is "OTA12 WIP that could still change untill OTA12 really released"...

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