Weird clock app behavior

  • This happened to me a number of times now on ut16.04 stable. When setting up an alarm, the activating switch grays out and I can't undo it. Nonetheless, the alarm doesn't ring at the given time. From the moment it starts, this behavior won't stop. I tried cleaning the app cache, wiping its user data, restarting unity and even the phone... to no avail. It renders the app unusable and last time it did happen I had to reflash the whole os. Is anyone having the same issue ?


  • On FP2,btw.

  • Hi!

    Yes, I have a similar problems with my FP2. I solved it setting another alarm for the same time; but the unusable entry is still there. I didn't try to reflash, since I am able to use other alarm times with no trouble. I'm on RC, will add this to the OTA12-thread.

  • @hankschwie Thanks for the tip ! let me return the favor: did you know you can swipe a set alarm to the right to delete it ? i just did that with the "dead" alarm, and it went away !

  • Yes, I am experimenting with this feature right now. But it does not seem to be consistent - sometimes all old entries are unusable, and when activated cannot be deleted - after a restart I am able to delete those, when not activated. Something's really buggy here...

    EDIT: Checked with my BQ m10 HD - same issue... Never noticed before!

  • @hankschwie Yes I agree ! "Inconsistent" pretty much sums up my phone nowadays ^^ The worst part being the totally chaotic behavior of MMS and attachments. Anyway, it works ! Cheers.

  • I get this too on my OPO running RC, I've been trying to reproduce the issue for some time now to no avail, I haven't gone into it in-depth yet though.

  • Looks like it's an "old" bug:

    Looking further into this I found two task.ics files, in two folders named ~/.local/share/evolution/tasks/xxxxxxxxxx.xxxx.x@ubuntu-phablet/. I removed the older one. Now there is just one file, ~/.local/share/evolution/tasks/1514137684.3458.0@ubuntu-phablet/tasks.ics
    looks like this has taken care of the problem.

    I'll play around with it, and check on the BQ m10, too...

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