Does UBports support WiFi Calling?

  • I would like some advice please.

    Although living in an urban area the mobile signal strength at home is very poor. None of the main UK carriers are any better than other as I appear to be in a black-spot. I am with EE at present who offer a service called WiFi Calling which allows calls to be made and received via WiFi where phone signal is weak. This has worked very well for me using an Android phone.

    I would like to move to a Linux based phone as I have run Ubuntu on my desktop and laptop for many years. From advice on the EE website it appears that as well as their contract sim card supporting it, the phone also needs to support it. Not sure whether this means the components or firmware?

    Does UBports Ubuntu Touch support WiFi calling? Does the UBports new Pinephone support it?

    Thank you.

  • I don't think so, sadly, but maybe i'm wrong, hopfully.

  • @glyndwr I did ask the same question about 3 months ago, but unfortunately this feature is still missing currently:

    Btw no WiFi printing is neither implemented for the moment.

    Hope to hear some good news about those in the future 😉

  • @stanwood said in Does UBports support WiFi Calling?:

    Btw no WiFi printing is neither implemented for the moment.

    I can print fine from my UTouch devices, but I do need some packages installed in Libertine to do this. Take a look at the instructions and see if they work for you too.

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