Wifi Calling

  • Hello, I just wonder if UT takes over "Wifi Calling" option, while most smartphones OS, devices, as well as mobile operators do handle this feature since 2014. Thank you very much. Stanwood

  • @stanwood Hi, no sorry, neither WiFi calling nor VoLTE is implemented right now. One of the reasons is that it is highly vendor-specific with a lot of proprietary and undocumented code.

    It affects all FOSS OSes like also Sailfish, we talked about this on FOSDEM. There will be a working group to dive into this, but probably needs some reverse-engineered Java code adoptions and other black magic.

    The lack of standardization and wrong "openess" on Google side led to this mess.

  • Thank you Flohack for your answer. I do better understand the complexity of the situation. It might come in the future. Regards, Stanwood

  • What is about the Linphone app (https://open-store.io/app/linphone.cibersheep)?
    I couldn't test it because I can't install it on my OP3T.

  • Yes, correct, Linphone should work, but needs a SIP account. Wifi calling enables automatic handover of calls (incoming/outcoming) though any wifi network (when mobile provider offers this features, which is mostly the case now). This is particulary advantageous to call from abroad (no roaming fees), as well as in case of poor coverage signal.

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