Meizu MX4 magic-device-tool - I think I've done something wrong ... I'm stuck in a loop

  • @stefano thanks!

    I've tired adb shell and got error: device offline

  • @happyzenith Try to reflash the Recovery again and then try to clear the cache

  • @stefano Thanks!

    I accidentally did it in fastboot mode, which gave me:

    sending 'recovery' (10760 KB)...
    OKAY [ 0.566s]
    writing 'recovery'...
    OKAY [ 0.543s]
    finished. total time: 1.109s

    When I try to reflash the recovery section, using the downloaded code, in recovery mode, I get < waiting for device >

    I've waited for about 15 minutes, then tried again with a different USB port and cable, but it gives me the same message 😞

  • @happyzenith Sorry posted this to the wrong person yesterday

    Please carry on with the advice you are getting and I hope you get there in the end. Just in case, you said at the start you used the magic device tool to start with. If you haven't already and all else fails try the magic device tool --dev version. I used the snap if this to install on my mx 4.

    Good luck with your quest😉

  • @lakota Is that different from the magic-device-tool? How can I download that to try? I've had a look and couldn't find it. I'm probably using the wrong search terms ...

  • @happyzenith Yes its a slightly different version. I used Linux mint and had to install snapd first which allows you to install snap packaged apps. Then search for Magic-device-tool --devmode and you should get the right version.
    The normal MDT didn't work for me but this did and was very straight forward.
    I've only done this once so I would look up how to install snapd and snaps from the net or theres info in the Ubports Doc app in the open app store. Wouldn't want to miss out anything by trying to remember what I did, but it was quite straight forward and I'm not at all techy.
    There is also a MDT telegram group who will help you out. All the best

  • Fab - all done! With lots of help from the lovely people on the UBports supergroup on Telegram 😃

    Firstly I downloaded to my computer the recovery image file for Meizu MX4 from:

    I needed to do this because it is a retail phone that shipped with Ubuntu installed already (and is currently running Ubuntu).

    I rebooted into FASTBOOT (the bootloader) by pressing down on the volume button and power button at the same time and holding it until I could see =>FASTBOOT on the phone screen.

    In the terminal on my computer I typed in: ubuntu-device-flash --server touch --recovery-image recovery.img --channel ubports-touch/15.04/stable --bootstrap. If you have a different file name for the recovery image file you would need to put in a different file name where I've put recovery.img

    On my phone I could then see a purple background and ubuntu logo. In the terminal window I could see a terminal output showing that it is pushing files.

    Eventually the terminal output read "Rebooting into recovery to flash". The phone then reflashed and installed ... with me watching 😃

  • @happyzenith Well done! Its a good community here isn't it. Have fun.

  • @happyzenith you see, I knew you manage to do it. Enjoy it!

  • Yep - and l've now got Telegram installed on my desktop too ... certainly might come in handy! 😃

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