openstore no graphics

  • pro5 turbo 16.04 r36
    openstore ,i get a white screen ,with lines of text ,for different categories, i can touch different places (guessing which apps) ,it goes to the download screen sometimes i get graphic showing app content , i can hit install, s correctlyometimes get the app, using the search bar or the categories option at the bottom of the screen ,it goes to the next screen ,but will not find any thing.
    (time set correctly,reset wifi ,rebooted etc.)

  • @Marathon2422
    That was interesting! I have also managed to install some apps just by tapping around in OpenStore, but most of them don't run correctly. Dekko2 for example, report as being installed by the OpenStore, but there is no icon in the launcher.

    Edit: After a reboot Dekko 2 showed up in the launcher, but just as with Telegram, Camera and some other apps it doesn't launch past the spinning wheel.

  • Having trouble getting content to appear in the open store app. Just seeing blank page.

    It works mostly when I am on wifi, but rarely when using mobile data.

    I have no trouble reaching the open store through the UT web browser.

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