Downgrading from 16.04 to 15.04

  • I want to downgrade my Oneplus One from 16.04/devel to 15.04/stable because I'm having issues with OpenStore, among other things. But when I try to do it by using "ubports-installer" it doesn't want to detect when I enable developer mode. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, have you found a fix?

  • I actually had a similar problem yesterday. My phone was on 16.04/devel and I wanted to test the development version of the installer for Jan. The installer didn't recognize my FP2 and I tried around with different cables, USB slots and another phone. And then suddenly it worked again. But I have to admit I'm not aware of what actually did the trick 😞

  • @blueunknown try starting ubports-installer with sudo ( the only time it recognized my pro5 ) sudo ubports-installer

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