UBports Wallpaper (Dec 17)

  • Originally posted on the news channel last year this might be of interest too some of you who missed it first time round. It might provoke some intrest and help spread the word a bit. Just click the link

    UBports News Channel
    Want another reason to be part of the UBports News Channel?

    Here is one: an awesome Yumi wallpaper for your UT device.

    Just download it to your gallery, go into your settings to 'appearance', then scroll down to set your custom image as wallpaper.

    Thanks to Joerg for creating this for us.


    UBports News Channel, [26.12.17 23:15]
    [Forwarded from Joerg]
    [ File : UBportsWallpaper_N5_1080x1920.png ]
    Hier mit etwas weniger Platzbedarf!



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