Fallen tree in the development road (development update 09 April 2018)

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    Hello guys!

    This is will just be a quick development update.

    So the last ~2 weeks the development has been really slow, this is due to me having some personal issues i had to take care of that had be unable to do anything. So that is why it has been kinda quiet from both me and development on my side.

    But don't worry, i'm somewhat back now and will hopefully be fully back in ~1 week 🙂

    Xenial (phone) is still in the scope, I was expecting to be done with all the backlog bugs and most of the ota-4, but i was also expecting to have the first xenial rc landed, but due to my issues I have not been able to complete this.

    Unity8 is still in the scope, but has a lower priority then xenial (phone). Unity8 is somewhat broken on bionic due to Ubuntu (upstream) have removed the mir patch from mesa, this means none of the apps will work. We have to change this to using the wayland protocol for all the apps. But on top of this mir has bumped the abi/api version for miral so we have do some some work to get things building again. We will hopefully get this working quickly! (at least before bionic release :))

    We also want to make a architecture overview of Ubuntu touch including sources and build instructions for the different parts that powers Ubuntu touch. This will both be nice for Developer and Users alike. Please contact if you want to help out with making this 🙂

    And lastly,
    I want to do a call our for help with development, If there is any of the areas you want to work on/help with please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help getting started.

    Thanks you!
    You guys rock!

  • Just a quick response on the MirAL ABI changes. AFAIK unity-system-compositor and QtMir are the only affected components:

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