• RE: Ubuntu Touch On OnePlus 3 From Marius

    @3arn0wl @andybleaden
    The pinephone is very exciting in deed! I can't wait to actually try it out, its cheep enough for most people that they can grab one without worrying to much about their bottom line, as well which is great!

    @andybleaden @Stefano
    The OP3 port is looking amazing, cant wait to see it in the official installer, for anyone with a OP3 to easily install.
    I think the OP5 is gonna be worked on after that, but I'm not sure since it's Vince's main device atm, and I believe that Treble is still an issue.

    I'm a big fan of the OnePlus devices personally, and the more OnePlus devices with an ubuntu port, the better, I hope that Halium gets support for newer versions of android, so we can get a convergence OnePlus device with MHL out, but thats a distant future it seems.

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  • RE: Ubuntu Touch On OnePlus 3 From Marius

    @makeixo I dont know where you're getting "thin skinned" from, I'm just stating facts.

    We like criticism, criticism is welcome here, as it should be with all projects, as long as its constructive, and done in a polite manner, constructive criticism is ultimately good.

    What happened was that you suggested something, that being that the community should collectively choose one or two device's to work on, and I replied with reasons that that wouldn't happen.

    In rare cases we might get a pinephone, but that's the exception to the rule, because the stars aligned.

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  • Read before posting!

    This category is only for ongoing ports, any other post will be remove or moved.

    How the ports should look like
    Title: "Device name (codename)"

    Posts here needs to include the current status of the device, sources and how to install the device. Try to structure the post to be easy to get the information. Also add some info on how to help or contribute to improve the device.

    Title: "Oneplus one (bacon)"

    Port for Oneplus one,

    Kernel: link to kernel
    Device: link to device configs
    Halium: Link to halium-devices manifest


    • Wifi: works
    • ....

    How to install

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  • RE: Ubuntu Touch On OnePlus 3 From Marius

    @makeixo If you can get devs together to do that then sure, but the people porting these devices are volunteers, they're using phones they bought themselves, and phones they want to see Ubuntu Touch on.

    People have busy lives, it only takes a new relationship, a change in job, or a new family member, for volunteering to become something they cant do, or have to strip back a lot.

    Then there's also the fact that if we all came to a decision on what phone we should port to (Which is unlikely, because everyone has a different favorite device), then the volunteers would have to go out of there way to purchase said device, which may not be viable for many people.

    Even with that considered, the community will also want a say, and people might want Ubuntu Touch to be ported to the OnePlus 7 Pro, or the Samsung galaxy 10 note, both which cant be ported to yet, because Halium doesn't support android 8/9 (not sure about android 7), but they might want Ubuntu touch ported to those devices, because they're high end, top of the line, phones, which ubuntu touch will fly on, and will be great convergence devices.

    However, the community might also say that they want Ubuntu Touch ported to a wileyfox phone, or a cheaper huawei because the cheaper a device is, the easier it is for someone to purchase said devices.

    Everyone is different, and everyone prefers different devices, for different reasons, and sometimes things will get started, and not finished, and thats just life, especially when you're dealing with volunteers.

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  • RE: Minetest in Anbox

    The debian version of minetest seems to work okay, I only got to the homepage, didn't bother going any further, especially since you'd need a keyboard and mouse for that edition, or at least a controller, IDK if minetest allows usage of a gamepad, but I dont think the debian version is convergent.

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  • RE: PineTime $25 FOSS smart watch

    One of the big challenges is that Apps in UT have no full control over bluetooth connections and therefore I am not sure how far this can succeed with the current SDK. But maybe others know more.

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  • OTA-11 Call for Testing

    This forum post is a companion to the OTA-11 call for testing blog post.

    Please post any general observations you have while testing the current image in the rc channel, as compared to OTA-10, in this thread.

    If you have any comments on any of the specific issues in the OTA-11 tracker, please post them in the issue thread so they are easier to track.

    This is not a place to request more bugs be added to the scope for this release. We'll experience death by a thousand cuts if we allow adding "just one more thing" to the release again. We want to make sure that the bugs labeled as fixed are actually fixed so we can get improvements out to the Stable channel.

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  • RE: Calendar synchronization of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch

    No, remounting the system as read-only is not undone after the terminal is closed. It's also more possible to break the system when it is mounted read-write and OTA updates may erase your changes. Overall, I think you'll be very upset with using the system this way.

    The best way to install packages from the Ubuntu archives on your device is with Libertine: https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/dailyuse/libertine.html

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  • RE: BQ E4.5 audio via speaker only on one speaker

    Sorry to say, but it really has only one speaker. See the following picutre:
    https://www.discoazul.de/loudspeaker-antenna-3g-bq-aquaris-e5-e5-fhd.html - the part on the right is the speaker.

    The holes in the case may trick you into a stereo output feeling, but it really isnt ,)


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  • RE: Call for an encrypted matrix voice/video call app

    @Lindisfarne That depends on what homeserver you use, if you use riot.im/app then you use the matrix.org homeserver, type that in.

    Theres been a lot of updates on Matrix's side and umatricks hasn't been updated in a VERY long time, so it might be broken, but its worth a shot.

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