• Attention devel channel users

    For all users of the devel channel on any device:

    We have just merged a large change to libhybris, which affects all devices. Our testing has shown this to not cause any major regressions, but please watch your devices closely for the next few days and report any issues you find. Images labeled 2018-12-11 or newer will have the libhybris changes.

    Please report any new strange behavior.

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  • RE: Its New Audiocast Time.

    It is highly unlikely that we would be able to redistribute those apps, @Krille. A good idea, but probably a legal headache. :)

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  • RE: Compiling Ubuntu Touch for Xiaomi Redmi 1s

    @ykapoor, please do not bring up very old threads. The last post here was over three years ago.

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  • RE: Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world


    Maybe we can even request Twitter verification badges for the Accounts

    We've been working on this for all of our accounts, but they require official (read: government) documents of ownership. Since the Foundation is still being applied for, we have none of these.

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  • RE: OTA-6 Call for Testing


    I believe you. I've been checking it. I've tried to reproduce the problem and I've asked people who have complained about it before to do the same.

    With that, I must say that "Please check it, it's a bug" makes me a little upset. It's mostly due to my own failure to reproduce the problem. I encourage you to file a bug rather than complain about issues on the forum. That gives us a better place to talk about it than a thread like this where lots of people are giving input. Also, you said the issue started occurring a couple of weeks ago? Did you mention it then?

    For relevant log files, let's start with the standard ones at Contribute to UBports - Bug Reporting. Please follow the instructions there to file a bug. Some more relevant information... Is the device plugged in when the alarm is missed? What is your "missed alarm time" set to in Clock settings? Does the notification you missed the alarm appear after that time? Does the alarm always fail to ring, or only sometimes? Do you use your device heavily before the alarm fails to ring? There's a lot of information that is potentially relevant that we just don't have here.

    I understand this issue is upsetting to you. I'm sorry I haven't been able to reproduce it. Please help me by following the normal process to file a bug report so we can get more opinions.

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  • RE: Morph Browser is exellently trackable


    If you would like to implement these things, I fully encourage you to.

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  • RE: OTA-6 Call for Testing


    While you are seeing the same behavior, the semantics are different. When Ubuntu Touch runs out of memory, it will kill an app and retain a screenshot of it in the app switcher. The app is not crashing, but it does need to handle this situation better. You may want to file a bug on morph-browser since it does not restore open windows when it is killed due to low memory.

    zram may help a little, but really the problem is that the system and apps are using too much memory, and you may be expecting a bit too much of your device. I've put in a PR to re-enable zram on the E5, but it will not be merged until after the OTA-6 release.

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  • RE: Morph Browser is exellently trackable

    This is defiantly something we should resolve within the browser (at least have an option to block ads and trackers) But the browser is quite new and still is under heavy development, i do expect something like this to be added in newer versions.

    Right now using https://open-store.io/app/uadblock.mariogrip blocks most ads and trackers.

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  • RE: for device-tarball question


    This is awesome! :)

    We have something called community channels where there is no requirements other then it needs to boot. https://system-image.ubports.com/16.04/community/ These channels work exactly like the other channels, only difference is its a community supported device.

    For the normal channels, it will need to have all the supported hardware/important parts working. But we can move to the normal channels once its 100% supported.

    If you would like an community channel, i will gladly setup one and give you the details how to upload new images etc :)

    I just needs some info to be able to set it up,
    Is this based on 5.1 or 7.1?
    does it uses 64 or 32bit user space?
    What username do you want on the channel?
    Do you use edge or the normal devel?

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