• Updates on Mir and OTA-8 (and watch out, Edge channel users)

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to give you an update from the developer team in case you aren't following the development of Ubuntu Touch very closely. To get to it quickly, it seems like we won't be able to deliver an update to Mir 1.0 or higher in Ubuntu Touch OTA-8.

    Apps failing to display

    There's a bit to unpack for this one. The best technical explanation can be gained from others on the team, but you're going to get me for this one. 😛

    The big problems

    Apps rarely display

    The most glaring issue is that apps are rarely able to display anything on the screen. They start correctly and can almost always be interacted with, but only a black box is displayed. Resizing windows in desktop mode leads to many fun effects.

    Apps doing weird things in desktop mode

    To paraphrase, it seems like there is a race condition in Mir getting a display surface (a box which the app uses to draw stuff) from Android before it has to pass it to the app.

    This problem is mainly exhibited on devices with Qualcomm chipsets.

    Poor performance

    Some actions are extremely slow. When apps display correctly, they have a very low framerate. Pulling out the dock and the app launcher is painful. There really is no excuse for this, newer versions of Mir are much more efficient than our current 0.24.

    Interestingly, the performance of the indicators is almost perfect. They feel way better to use than they do under Mir 0.24. In fact, the lowered input latency of Mir >0.26 is noticeable when scrolling around the indicators. This shows us that the failures are within Unity8 itself -- Mir is functioning perfectly.

    We should have known

    These challenges aren't entirely unexpected. The Android->Hybris->Mir->QtMir->Unity8->QtUbuntu pipeline can't be expected to be perfectly stable when several parts of that stack change all at once. We were over-optimistic when estimating how long it'd take to solve the problems upgrading Mir and Unity8 at the same time would bring.

    What's next?

    I'll change gears and focus on delivering some more fixes to OTA-8 before wrapping up. Marius will continue working on Mir and other intense low-level issues.

    This cycle has included a lot of behind-the-scenes fixes as we've been fixing up automated tests on many components (especially the Ubuntu UI Toolkit -- Thank you Rodney!), allowing us to bring on new code. I've been merging in some rather old PRs (sorry for the wait, everyone who opened those) and I hope to continue to clear the queue for this release.

    Tomorrow we'll merge the changes from our xenial_-_edge_-_mir branch into xenial_-_edge. This will cause any Qualcomm devices on the edge channel to experience the problems I listed above (and could cause general instability on other devices). It will be difficult to update Qualcomm devices without having developer mode enabled (which I hope you have anyway, you're on the edge channel). If you are using the edge channel and are not tolerant to these issues (I question how you got on edge in the first place 😛 ), please move to rc or stable using the options in System Settings.

    If you're not sure whether you're using the edge channel or not, you probably are not. The current release channel is listed in "System Settings -> Updates -> Update settings, 'Channels'"

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  • RE: "UbuntuTouch" name

    @Flohack said in "UbuntuTouch" name:

    There are no plans to change the name

    There is no need for more discussion on this topic at this time. I'll lock the thread to reduce noise.

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  • RE: Need help in porting Halium/Ubports to Galaxy S4 jfltexx

    Or maybe not. You might want to do telnet debugging with the break=bottom kernel cmdline parameter.

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  • RE: Need help in porting Halium/Ubports to Galaxy S4 jfltexx

    @suoko it would be better you join @Halium group on Telegram. We dont want to overload the forum. And copy all such things into a pastebin plz...
    Your log is very short. nothing that could help us. Please try to build Lineage with this manifest to verify if the kernel is at all working.

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  • RE: Nexus 7 (flo) keeps coming out of standby unprompted

    This bug is already reported: https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/291

    There is another report linking it to the sync of the contacts and calendar, but I'm not able to find that one right now...

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  • RE: Forum maintenance: Complete

    Attachments should work again!

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  • RE: Need help in porting Halium/Ubports to Galaxy S4 jfltexx

    @suoko Did you start using the reference rootfs?

    let it bootloop once, go into recovery, look for cat /proc/last_kmsg - that will give you kernel dmesg

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  • RE: "UbuntuTouch" name

    I am just saying that there will be no naming discussion in the near future. There are no plans to change the name, as our marketing guys decided.

    BR Florian

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  • RE: Need help in porting Halium/Ubports to Galaxy S4 jfltexx

    @suoko said in Need help in porting Halium/Ubports to Galaxy S4 jfltexx:

    hardware/samsung/AdvancedDisplay/Android.mk:34: frameworks/base/packages/SettingsLib/common.mk: No such file or directory

    This seems to be a Java application, try to get rid of AdvancedDisplay fully.

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  • RE: Has something gone wrong

    Is the bootloader on your phone still locked? That is listed as "LOCK STATE" on the fastboot screen.

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