ssh now working / web apis to serve from ubports/Nexus 5

  • Hi,

    I got sshd configured and working so I can work from my mac, with cushy paste-buffers and such.

    The most approriate web service package I've found on ubports/Nexus 5 is python3.
    Are there any packages that would be better for serving up content from my Nexus 5?

    This is a development system that just needs to be portable. I'm writing a client app on Android proper that uses web-apis and want to carry around only the two small devices for demonstrations.

    With the kinks worked out of my ubports/Nexus 5 install now, it seems doable.

    Would anyone care to suggest something better than python3? (I would prefer golang!)

    BTW how can I get gcc installed on ubports?
    Pretty amazing platform. I've seen nothing this convenient to use before. Thanks!


  • @tpfaff100 I don't know but Kris Jacewicz's Blog is full of tips to set a UT device for developers (

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