Ubports on BQ M10 FHD installing (almost) flawlessly.

  • Hi,

    just to give some more data point: ordered a BQ M10 FHD Ubuntu Edition tablet, arrived yesterday. Installed ubports-installer on a Ubuntu 17.10 linux PC. Tablet initially not detected by the installer, but after setting developer mode, some reboots, trying a different USB port, and manually running "adb" to list connected devices, it "suddenly" started working (hat no prior experience with adb, never used it before).

    After detection, installation just completed flawlessly (I configured it to wipe the tablet during installation).

    So for now very happy with the device and the software. Next step will be to install some ubuntu desktop applications using the information found here:


    Anybody here knows which libertine container types are supported by ubuntu 15.04r3 on BQ M10 FHD?

    Looking forward to replacing my aging firefox-os phone with some new phone running ubports.



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