Libertine containers on micro-SD card?

  • Hi,

    just started playing around with libertine, following the information provided here.

    Now wondering why libertine-container-manager does not have any option to specify the directory where the container is created. I'd like to put it onto the micro-SD card.

    Will there be any complications if I move the container over to micro-SD and replace it with a symbolic link?

    With all the install activity that "libertine-container-manager create" is causing I'm sort of afraid, that otherwise I'll wear out the internal flash over time.

  • You could try and if it works document it here

    I'd also try first with a symlink, but if that gives any problems, I would assume a bind mount should work. but then you have the additional challenge of having to reestablish the mount after every reboot. maybe it can be automated with upstart.

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