Request for Chinese Translation

  • Hi,

    There have been requests from the Chinese language group for translations of the UBports main website and the website. I have heard that someone is working on getting the main site into a state that is translatable. As for the docs, I don't see the option to translate it into Chinese. How do you add a language to something on weblate? At the moment there are only these projects


  • You cannot currently add a language by yourself on Weblate. Adding a new language requires a few things:

    1. Add the translation to our list in
    2. Set up the translation on ReadTheDocs
    3. Import the translation to Weblate and hope that it doesn't conflict
    4. Oh it conflicted, let's fix that
    5. Spend 30 minutes fixing the conflict

    And then, when it comes time to update the translation sources (Sphinx manually creates its own po files rather than a pot file), we will almost certainly get a conflict on Weblate. 30 minutes spent on that again...

    Basically, I'm not adding new translations right now because we haven't figured out the problems with translating the documentation. There is an issue filed for what you're requesting, though.

  • Interesting process. Thanks for the info!

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