Like your Privacy? live in Europe? then maybe

  • Another one from the News Channel at the end of last year that may have passed you by and might be of interest to the privacy minded Europeans amongst us.
    UBports News Channel, [18.12.17 14:31]


    Because one of UBports core values is privacy, we are excited to announce that individuals in Europe may soon have a chance to fight against big privacy violators like Facebook and Google with new NGO "European Center for Digital Rights"

    The following two quotes from their website should excite any UBports Community members:

    *“We want to bring the privacy that the law provides to your home – to your PC, to your mobile.”

    *The goal of noyb is to confront tech giants like Facebook, Google & Co. with a team of highly qualified and motivated lawyers and IT experts on equal footing."

    They have a kickstarter campaign started so anyone - especially UBports Members near Europe, who has the ability to donate to this project would surely agree this is money well spent.

    Of course, UBports and Ubuntu Touch will massively gain from any success at so today let's share some privacy love!

    #ubports -alert
    | My Privacy is none of your business
    Europe already has stringent privacy and consumer protection laws but lacks effective enforcement of your digital rights. Our goal is to make

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