Have there been reports of charging problems OPO?

  • Update 2: When the phone was off and connected to charger it showed a full charge. Upon starting up the battery level icon continued to show only 50% charge. I rebooted a few times and finally the battery level icon changed to full. So; can anyone confirm this on their OnePlus One on latest build?

    Update 1: It took twelve hours, but finally showed full charge. (Phone off and tap on shows full charge) I'll search more to see if this is a standard time for charging. Supposedly the original battery was removed and a new one install. (This is interesting for 1P1 owners; https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/oneplus-one-problems/)

    OP: I'm not ready to report an issue yet, just curious if there has been any reports of OnePlus One, not charging or charging but the indicator doesn't show it.

    At first it seemed it wasn't charging when turned on, so I was shutting it off to charge, but now it indicates not charging with phone on or off. I'm using a charger that I'm using on another phone so I know that is OK.


  • @mawil1013
    My OPO also charges rather slowly I think. Seems to depend somewhat on how many mA you feed it, but still slow. The battery performance has also deteriorated lately. Can't get through a day with bluetooth and wifi off, even with light use.

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