1+1 to restore to Cyanamod for learning

  • Playing and learning, going back to Orig. 1+1 OS Cyan.. nope, there is no back up - gosh darn. But that would be too easy.

    I have a 1+1 16GB, I've downloaded the correct image and adb/fastboot

    Currently the only thing on the phone is Ubports Recovery, (Not even Touch) Androids action and fast boot menus are available on the phone and the phone can be put into android fast boot, and I followed these instruction, http://www.droidviews.com/restore-oneplus-one-stock/

    When I open ADB and click on the android install, it goes through process and most everything fails including unable to find the zipped and extracted factory firmware for 16GB.

    Any ideas?

  • Better install TWRP recovery, this should work in 90% of the cases.

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