What the hell happened to the Ubport Station Dock on kickstarter ?

  • Just watching @mariogrip 's video from last year & it was clearly stated that this was a thing.


    Re: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/11/station-dock-ubuntu-phone-ubports ?

    Is this a thing - or can we all put away our bitcoin wallets for another day ?

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    From the last Q&A:

    At Ubucon Europe last year, we announced a nifty little device called the Station Dock, a Raspberry Pi based gadget that helps with convergence on devices that don’t have wired HDMI out. While there is a working prototype and everything would be ready to go, managing a Crowd-funding campaign and building hardware is a lot of work and we are unsure if more work is what we need right now. We yet have to decide if we want to follow through with the campaign or just open-source the plans and software right away.

  • To just add to Neos quote: Please understand that we were completely surprised by Canonical and that the StationDock is far less important now than to have a phone at all... I think if you already donated an amount and you really don´t want it to be used for the core OS development, the server infrastructure or the huge task of keeping the images fresh and correctly built, you could ask for reimbursement.

    BR Florian

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