OnePlusThree setup

  • I now have a second hand OP3. its been reset when trying to set it up as normal (not UBports) I select set up as new phone all goes well till after wifi setup. I then get the Google message this phone has been reset please use an account that was previous synced to this device to continue.
    I've wiped everything twice, and all other options in wipe data and cache, reset system setting, wipe cache and erase everything and still the same upon rebooting.
    Any ideas anyone

    edit just gone into fastboot menu and device state says locked. Is this the problem. Theres a locked padlock symbol top left of screen

  • @lakotaubp
    One of those anti theft ideas

  • @marathon2422 now just need to get out of it : )
    Also can't unlock oem remotely either just tried. Fastboot detects it but no unlock allowed
    edit All sorted previous owner wiped the phone without logging out of google first. That locked the phone. Had to login with their details first. Google help desk said that couldnt happen once he hd removed the phone from his account and signed out and phone rewiped by me, and yet it can 😉

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