Ubuntu/Components package for Ubuntu 18.04 X86_64 (qt5)

  • After a HW crash I'm restoring QML App development on a new machine
    but can't find a Ubuntu/Components package. qmlscene is installed,

    Tried to copy the Ubuntu/Components directory from the crashed machine and get:
    Invalid QML element name "i18n"; type names must begin with an uppercase letter.
    QML is:
    import QtQuick 2.2
    import Ubuntu.Components 1.1
    Rectangle { Text { text: "Hello world!" } }
    The output window is OK when the 2nd import is commented out.

    Tried to compile from source I found on GitHub: qt-ubuntu-components-master
    Same result.

    Also found this ancient stuff: qt-components-ubuntu_0.1.24~quantal1 Not useable.

    Search engines are no real help, maybe someone here on the forum will give me a clue, thanks.

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