Q&A 32 Blog Post Now Available. Catch Up Now.

  • Q&A 32 is now available for you to catch up on. If you missed it or have forgotten an important detail, its all here.

  • Whether to develop and polish features on 16.04 for the time being, or to move to 18.04 as soon as possible, is discussed starting at about 33:15 in Ubuntu Touch Q&A 32.

    Personally, I hope that the UBports team will move Ubuntu Touch to 18.04 as soon as practical (not as soon as possible).

    The UBports team is making progress with Unity8 for the desktop on 18.04, including progress toward full Wayland support, and I'd like to see the same Wayland support on the phone. But the wait-and-see approach taken by the devs seems most prudent. And who knows, maybe the puzzle pieces (with Mir, systemd, etc) will fall into place, allowing them to move to 18.04 more quickly than anticipated. Or at least that's my hope. 🙂

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