Meybe using KDE Frameworks?

  • Is it possible to better use kde frameworkworks for the basis of the environment?
    To avoid having to create the same thing several times, thus increasing the probability of bugs ("shortcut dont works in non-english" still happens; i dont know for UBports)

    In general, it would be best that UBports LXQt and KDE have a standard API for programs, such as: indicators, file manipulation, fonts, passwords, and more.

    In order to create the program once and it worked equally in these Qt-based environments.

  • Hi @yalvex,

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by KDE frameworks. Ubuntu Touch is already based on Qt technologies. Unity8 is already mostly written in QML and Qt's special flavor of C++:


    For indicators, the API in Ubuntu Touch is extremely ugly to support everything that they need to support. I'll grant you that, but I wouldn't say that anyone has a better solution right now.

    In the file manipulation camp, Ubuntu Touch has restrictions on what apps can do so that even a malicious app will have a difficult time compromising your data. The way to manipulate files is by using content-hub, which is also not the most elegant solution for the job but it does its job for the mobile space.

    As for the rest, Ubuntu Touch is a mostly bog-standard Linux distribution. I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for?

  • Hi @unisuperbox,
    Sorry, in previous post i've all mixed in a pile((

    I meant that if possible, use KDE Frameworks, аor example: for the archiver to use karchive.

    Or make a similar a public program interface. Core apps, perform the same function in the listed environments, why not use the same basis (and the UI for each one is different according to HIG).

    But it probably works, as well notifications, indicators, and more.

    PS. Sorry for my very bad English(

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