Gettogether in Brussels

  • Hi all,

    I've recently found that there're a few more UT users in Brussels.
    I would like to meet you guys and share experiences maybe over some very nice Belgium Beers while we celebrate what I hope be the recent release of OTA-4.

    I propose to do this on Thursday the 16th of August somewhere in Brussels.

    Are you guys up to it?

    *Date was edited due to a typo on the initial post.

  • @diogo said in Gettogether in Brussels:

    I propose to do this on Thursday the 18th of August somewhere in Brussels.

    Aug 18 is a Saturday ... (btw nice idea, but I myself am not one of those living in Brussels :) )

  • Thanks for noticing that, it was a typo, I intended it to be on the 16th

  • If any of you don't feel like the proposed date suits you, please propose another. however 15th and 16th are the only dates can attend this month.

    Maybe you guys want to do it in September?

  • @Diogo coincidentally Canonical is getting some developers together in Brussels in September. That means I (and the Mir team) will be around September 17-21 does that week work for you?

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