"Import contacts from SIM card function on Ubuntu touch 16 (Nexus 5) 2018"

  • Re: Successful UBports installation and contacts import on Nexus 5

    I switched to ubuntu touch yesterday. I could import my apple contacts by:

    1. Exporting contacts to vcf file on my Mac,
    2. Booting my Mac on ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    3. Connecting nexus 5 to my Mac running ubuntu (Mac finder does not mount the nexus 5 running ubuntu touch)
    4. Copy the vcf to the Documents folder on the nexus 5
    5. Tap the vcf to open
    6. Select the option to open with another program
    7. Select "Contacts"
      Good luck!

    P.S. Import function directly from Contacts apps does not work. It does not find the vcf in the file system.

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