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  • @tomoqv I also faced the issue of not detecting wifi with one or two apps. one of them was the kodi remote yaste. It would think it is offline, so it would not autodetect my kodi box. But if I entered the ip address manually it would connect. So it seems only wifi detection is a problem, wifi access works fine.

  • @arubislander Yeah, really strange. Unfortunately e.g. the IKEA Tradfri app doesn't let me enter an IP address manually.

  • Could you compile a kernel with the needed modules for flo/deb devices (nexus 7 2013)?

  • Hello, currently I installed Ubuntu Touch 16.04 on OPO and Hammerhead without problems. I installed some android apps as well. But I have an app which can be controlled by the navigation buttons of android phones only, which I found no way to enable on ubuntu touch/anbox yet. I tried some apps which provide a software navigation bar from But even if one of this is enabled in anbox configuration menu its not overlayed on the screen to that app. Is there a way to solve this?

  • If I could add anything to this discussion it would be:

    • there should probably be a step-zero (update to xenial/16.04)
    • there is an unfortunate spelling error in the first sentence regarding what we need... @mariogrip ...
    • I wonder if "microG" would benefit us, as they have (to my understanding) a pretty complete open source google play services re-implementation, and only requires a minor kernel patch (to spoof google's SSL certificate); and it is supposedly far more trim and performant than the true-google variant

  • @osndok fixed the spelling error. Also TIL a new English word XD

  • How can I add a Google account in Anbox?

  • @osndok
    Have you tried installing it ? There is a thread 'root permission' for apps #118' on the Anbox github site which describes installing opengapps on the desktop version of Anbox. Maybe it works with microg the same on Ubuntu Touch?

  • I have another issue. With adb installed on my phone I got problems on OPO because no connection is possible. The command 'adb devices' states the emulator is offline, even though it was possible to start apps. But can't install others. How can Anbox be visible as device again?

  • Can it made possible to use emojis for the Android Keyboard in Anbox for typing? For now they are not usable, because they all are displayed as crossed boxes.

  • This post is deleted!

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