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    @dobey Yes flashing magisk through recovery broke system didn't boot but had to try app installs fine. I am going to try and patch with magisk the anbox-boot.img and see if that pulls anything off.

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    @mariogrip @Ingo @ursfan

    I wanted to attempt to give root anbox apps permission through a superuser app was my intention. Any other ways without a normal superuser? Magisk Manager app successfully patches the anbox-boot.img and anbox is still installed, nothing crashes.
    Replacing these commands
    sudo fastboot flash $PARTITIONNAME anbox-boot-$CODENAME.img"
    with "sudo fastboot flash boot anboxmagiskboot.img" (which I put in my /home/username folder[same place wget download would go too]) succeeds and anbox does appear to get installed correctly.
    Magisk app does shows magisk is uninstalled still but I believe if I flashed onto a fully 100% read-write system it might work or there may be a solution I can't figure out.
    I anbox installed a terminal apk typed su which leads me to "/system/bin/sh: su: can't execute: Permission denied" error.
    Went to over to regular phablet shell and issued "sudo chmod 755 /system/bin/sh" & "sudo chmod 755 /system" etc but led to read only file system error. Any ideas or input?

  • @BryWilson Man that's my thoughts exactly ! Everything you said. Kudos here.

  • @baddea I had the same problem with a game. Anbox installs and runs smoothly, and so does game installation but it's meant to be played with screen rotated- and it gives me the same kind of half baked display, with touch input in full disarray

  • By the way, is all this fiddling with anbox has the goal of eventually making it a click package ? Or at least a dedicated installer, sth available in the openstore ? Or are we stuck with adb and reboots ? Thanks for the work, love you all

  • @Emphrath it cannot be just a click package, as it needs kernel modifications and elevated priviledges for installation. Because we cannot provide them currently for all supported devices, there is no end in sight of manual steps for the time being. Sorry!

  • @Flohack Well, once the kernel side can be stable and not cause issues without anbox container installed, then it at least can be included in the images by default.

    Once the container side is stable/usable enough, and doesn't kill battery and such, then probably the bits for installing and setting up anbox could also be included in the image, like how we have libertine.

    But indeed, for now, anbox is not a priority, as there are many other things that need fixed in the system first.

  • @dobey That's what I wanted to know. Thank you

  • @tricky i am trying to install anbox but unable can u help me

  • @moid said in Development testers for Anbox:

    @tricky i am trying to install anbox but unable can u help me

    I want to install anbox in nexus 5 and it gives me problems. How can I install it?

  • @moid and @ricardo65
    All info should be here in this thread and

    What exactly is not working for you? What did you try already? What's your general setup?

  • @Ingo said in Development testers for Anbox:

    What exactly is not working for you? What did you try already? What's your general setup?

    I have tried to install following the instructions that you have put in the link and I get that the ubports repositories are temporarily blocked and I can't install it.

  • @Ingo I've installed anbox on the nexus 5 channel devel and I can not connect by any known bug?.I have restarted the mobile several times and I do not detect it

  • @ricardo65 said in Development testers for Anbox:

    @Ingo I've installed anbox on the nexus 5 channel devel and I can not connect by any known bug?.I have restarted the mobile several times and I do not detect it

    corfirmado, in RC works perfectly the wifi with anbox installed.

  • Not sure if it was you, but here is a fresh issue about the WiFi problem:

    I don't have a Nexus 5, so unfortunately no idea 😞

    What I know, in devel channel the so-called "edge merge" has happened ( and AFAIK it's not on RC yet. Not sure if that is related but it's an abvious difference between the two channels.

  • @Ingo What command should I use to uninstall anbox? thank you

  • Here is a topic about that question:

    If you don't mind some remaining files laying around in /home/phablet you can just re-install UT without wipe. Kernel and rootfs modifications will be gone. The android rootfs plus apps will still be there, though. Not sure if anyone ever wrote instructions how to get rid of all anbox related things.

  • Hey all. I'm trying to install Anbox on my PRO 5 and am running into a problem with anbox-tool install. I'd welcome any illumination, perhaps information on compatible versions of UBports and Anbox for the PRO 5.

    I've got UBports 16.04 (OTA-11, stable) and anbox-boot-turbo-test.img flashed (as described here). When I attempt to install Anbox with anbox-tool install, I am presented with a Python error that concludes with the following:

    json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

    Does anyone happen to have any ideas on what is going wrong and how I might get the latest possible Anbox running on the device?

    I attempted to install anbox-ubuntu-touch on UBports 16.04 (20200107, devel) but it did not appear to be available.

  • @BlandCorporation Hi, as far as I know, on devel channel you don't need to flash the kernel image anymore because already embedded in the OS image. This step, according to my experience, led to break something (for instance the wifi connection). I didn't try myself yet and I don't know if it will resolve your issue either but I think that the best would be to restart from scratch in the devel channel and skip the part related to flashing the kernel image.

  • @matteo Magic, thanks for that suggestion. Anbox was installable using the development channel without the need to flash a kernel for it separately, as you guessed. Regarding your Wi-Fi experience, I am not experiencing any Wi-Fi problems for native applications running while Anbox is running or for Anbox applications. For you and any others reading, the following UBports and Anbox versions were those I observed as being compatible:

    System Version
    UBports OS build number 2020-01-08
    UBports Image part 20200108-27502
    Ubuntu build description Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - armhf (20200108)
    Device image part 20170608-43243
    Device build description turbo-user 5.1 LMY47D 15 test-keys
    Anbox pool/xenial/main/a/anbox/anbox-ubuntu-touch_8+0~20180916133012.39~1.gbpe34b59.deb

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