Migrate data from device to device

  • As a user, which has got a new UBports device, I would like to migrate all data from my currently used UBports device to the new one.

    What can I do? Is there "simple" backup / restore howto addressing the user story above?

    Quick search in interwebs and this forum returned a big number of discussed topics mainly on synchronizing various data categories to / from PC, but I could not find any consistent story about migration from device to device. If you know one - please comment.

  • I have not done this (and perhaps would not do that), because IMHO it's better to move certain app data selectively. How to move, for example contacts, is written "in stone" here: https://gurucubano.gitbooks.io/bq-aquaris-e-4-5-ubuntu-phone/content/en/chapter9.html

  • Infrastructure

    A complete backup should work as follows:

    • Connect your device with USB and have adb ready
    • Issue adb reboot recovery
    • Create a local directory for the backup and cd into it
    • Issue adb pull /data/system-data and adb pull /data/user-data
    • This will take a while each. If everything goes well you should have both folders in your backup directory

    A restore is the other way round:

    • Connect your device with USB and have adb ready
    • Issue adb reboot recovery
    • cd into your backup folder
    • Issue adb push system-data /data/system-data and adb push user-data /data/user-data

    Note You have to be very careful with the adb paths. Sometimes it just throws everything into ., sometimes it follows into the sub directory. The correct how-to for this paths is not clear to me now 😉

  • Did anyone else encounter this:

    $ adb pull /data/system-data
    adb: error: failed to copy '/data/system-data/etc/writable/localtime' to './system-data/etc/writable/localtime': remote No such file or directory

  • @ingo yes, I had the same kind of issue on my FP2 and gave up...

  • Sounds a bit like a dangling link, similar to what is described here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/1650688

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