Set partition sizes when flashing

  • @errorcodevortex No, I can't help you if you can't even bother to read the comments in the very thread you're replying to. Also, you continue to be rude, and declaring that somehow things worked in some magical way, in which they very certainly never did work.

    Perhaps you're confusing Ubuntu Touch with Plasma Mobile or something, but Ubuntu on phones has never worked in the way you described, and especially not so on the OnePlus 1 which was never supported by Canonical either.

    From what I can tell, Ubuntu Touch is not what you want, never was, and you weren't running it before. Perhaps you should look into something more like postmarketOS, which is much more like a traditional PC Linux distro.

  • I think this thread has run it's course. The answers are all in here somewhere the basic being. try at your own risk using the info available. So I am locking this thread. Thank you.