New and very interested but has some questions

  • I have a acer 2in1 laptop that I installed ubuntu on and it works great. Some of the tablet feature do not work fully which has been fine. Would Ubuntu touch work better with screen rotating and better tablet mode use? Also may i use regular ubuntu programs I have yet to see or understand if that is possible? Also is 2in one compatible if through convergence.Thanks sorry if its a repeat questions.

  • "Ubuntu Touch" currently only supports a small set of Android based phones and tablets.

    Unity 8 is not yet ready for use as a daily interface for more general purpose x86 systems like you've described.

    Once Unity 8 is usable there though, yes, normal apps installed via apt should be able to work. There is an enormous amount of work to get to that point though.

    Your best bet at the moment for supporting screen rotation and such, is probably with the standard GNOME interface provided in Ubuntu 18.04.

  • @freedman Just for my own intrest was this a t100 by any chance. If it was could you post details here please when you have time. Is it now dual boot at all or just Ubuntu and which version etc. No rush on this.

  • @lakotaubp No it was not. It was a Acer R3 the win 10 updates were to big and it basically made a useless computer untill my recovery failed to recover then I went to ubuntu.

  • @freedman Ok thanks,anyway.

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