Installation on an Unlisted device

  • I recently opened up an old and unsupported security panel. Would it be possible to install Ubuntu Touch with these specs:

    Home Button
    ZWave (Not needed)
    Cellular Radio
    8GB (Or 2GB, I forgot) RAM
    1 USB port (I don't know what level)

    If it's possible, I'd like to install Ubuntu Touch to replace the outdated security OS

  • Is the device currently running Android? Are the kernel source and device/vendor trees published for it?

    If so, then it may be possible to build a port. If not, it's probably unlikely unless the hardware used is all usable with free software drivers already in the mainline kernel, and it will still be a difficult port to get working.

  • No, it actually runs on a custom OS built by Vivint. I don't know if it's UNIX based, but the hardware does look visually similar to that in an Android (Camera, WiFi/BT. Not that they will work)

  • Yeah, the hardware in all such embedded devices will "look" similar. But without any way to flash, boot, and drive the hardware, you won't get very far.

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