Morph Browser / Useless for Music

  • The Morph browser is looking really promising for streaming media--it has decent HTML6/ES6 support and its <audio> element handles ogg, mp3, and flac.

    But if you change to a different tab, background the browser, or turn off the screen--the whole browser is suspended, making it useless as a media player.

    So close, and yet so far.

    In the past, the tweak tool could set the browser to not be suspended. As noted on another Morph Browser thread, the tweak tool doesn't "see" this browser.

    So... can a UBports wizard suggest how to let the tweak tool see the app? Or name some other way (no matter how grotty) to tell the environment to not SIGSTOP the browser when it's not foreground?


  • Ok, I got impatient and dug through the UT Tweak tool. Here's a workaround if you're comfortable in a terminal (or, in my case, adb shell):

    gsettings get com.canonical.qtmir lifecycle-exempt-appids

    For me, this had a value:

    ['', 'com.ubuntu.terminal']

    Then I updated this value:

    gsettings set com.canonical.qtmir lifecycle-exempt-appids "['', 'com.ubuntu.terminal', 'morph-browser']"

    Voila! My browser is happily running in the background.

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