Multirom recovery not booting.

  • Hello, i want to install ubuntu touch with multirom. I downloaded the modified apk and installed Multirom v32j and Recovery (5.0.x kernel is already installed). Recovery installs successfully. Then the device tries to reboot recovery but the oneplus logo stays longer than normally and then multirom os selection comes up. Please help! PS: I posted this on github also but nobody answered.

  • Hello,
    same problem here. After installing the recovery using the modified MultiROM version I can't boot to recovery anymore. You see the boot logo, but as soon as the TWRP logo should come up, the phone reboots to system.Also posted on github.

  • Another one here. I think it's because the version of TWRP. If mariogrip could update it to a latest one, it would work, since twrp ( i can't remeber the exact version) does not work well on some OPOs, as in our case. So please @mariogrip update twrp to at least, in doesn't need to be 3.0 😛

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    Update is underway 🙂

  • Installed developer build 218 its stuck at 1+ logo, and 219 build is throwing some error which states that multirom has been stopped to avoid file corruption.. On the move now will post details later if anyone wants them.