Morph browser is not geogebra-friendly

  • The well known dynamic geometry application is hardly working in my BQ M10, 16.04 OTA5 with the morph browser. The 3D features never worked because they use WebGL, but now even the 2D parts are uncontrollable. In particular, one may have a headache trying to switch between the several soft-keyboards that geogebra use, only to find that they do not work. Just go to the geogebra web page and try the graphing calculator.
    I have tried to try the portable download of geogebra as a Linux application, but right now the download failed... I will try again.

  • @juangrodeja I have downloaded the portable version but I cannot run its executable file. Can I incorporate it to a libertine container? Any other way to run it?

  • I have installed an old version of Firefox (the newest one does not run) and found that it has the same problems with the GeoGebra web application. So I couldn't find a way to run GeoGebra.

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