• Hi everybody !

    I'm totally not involve into the project(s) but a user.

    That's saids, now, I will tell you my point of view :
    First, I'm not 19 years old, really not 😉
    So, no fire in me, just pragmatism.
    Canonical broke his teeth on this project, with the resources they have, we know.
    So, why following the same way ?
    And here the core of my subject: WHY CONVERGENCE ?
    Who care about it ?
    Who need it absolutely ?
    Who (of us) will not buy a smartphone under linux, with a total control on his device, just because the CONVERGENCE is not present ?
    To abstract my thinking: I just need a smartphone I can trust, like my desktop or notebook...under Linux !
    When I see the difficulties to make a port when Canonical was playing together, so now they leaved the playground...

    CONVERGENCE will be, for sure, the too much (more)detail.

    Why not focusing to the primal goal: having a smartphone running under Linux ! ( The first one saying Android is running Linux...°x°..)

    But ? Finally...I don't remember to ever seen statistics about this ?!

    The question could be :

    What do you need first ?

    • (1) A smartphone/tablet running an OS of Freedom

    For my own, the choice is already done 😉

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    @Flohack would probably agree with you 😃

    In my opinion convergence is also about the phone being "a real computer" as in that you're able to actually do stuff in the terminal or file-manager. Yes, i know, you can do some of that in android and even iOS, but i think one of the biggest selling points is to have a fully-fledged "GNU+Linux" distro in your pocket, even if you'll never attach it to a screen and keyboard. Being able to run the same apps on phone, tablet and desktop is pretty cool. So if we have that feature working now, why would we just toss it away?

  • @izd While I agree with you, convergence is to me not so much there is another aspect:

    If we are able to run usual desktop apps also on the phone, we open the door for existing apps just to be modified to have a mobile experience. We cannot catch up with Android or Apple regarding the ecosystem of their proprietary apps. We can, on the other side, throw in the Linux goodness of having already tons of desktop apps.

    So to make it easier also for the tablets, I think we should aim for convergence, too. It will not cost that much power, and it will bring us many cool applications & solutions. So you should be PRO convergence, even if you will never use it 😉

  • @Flohack : Couldn't agree more ! We're never going to get the same amount of apps, but being able to run desktop apps would be a huge advantage. I was disappointed to see that I couldn't read .mkv file on my phone, which would not have happened had I been able to run VLC. That would also let the user choose between a lot of options, and I believe that's one of the things that Linux and Ubuntu stand for.

  • Thank you to everybody to share your point of view 🙂
    In fact, my talking about Convergence was motivated by the idea that building such functionality is a lot hard work...Maybe I'm wrong ?
    If that is the case, so, I have said nothing and long live convergence! 😉

  • @izd Yeah its a lot of work, but there are already proof-of-concept builds that include it. So we are not starting from zero 🙂

  • I care about convergence!
    I have used my Ubuntu tablet as a computer at work, little things at the beginning but very useful.

  • @izd
    I think, that convergence is the main step.
    What's the use of a Smartphone, where you can use GNU Linux software, but without convergence desktop? You just can't use it with big screen and mouse.
    Or if you use a Gnome/KDE desktop on the Smartphone, how will you interact with that?
    Everything is too small and you have to select the menus with you fingernails or a small stick. Probably you can't read it.
    All big systems Windows and Android are heading to that convergence idea.
    Just the implementation at both of them is bad. Here is where the Unity desktop is way ahead.
    I always read "we don't need that"
    But you just don't need that, until one of them have a full convergent system.
    I just remember 20 years ago, when I had my first cellphone. They said: "Nobody need that. You just like to be mr. important."
    When I had my first Cellphone with Touch display in 2005 (Windows XDA mini)
    People laughing and they said: "That's way to big cellphone. Nobody needs that."
    Today, even the smallest Smartphone is bigger than my "Windows XDA mini" that time. And suddenly every one needs that...
    I don't know anyone having a cellphone without full graphic touch display.
    (And it's still in my ears: Nobody needs that)

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  • Bonjour à tous,
    Je suis d'accord tous ces avec propos, je suis sur la Aquaris M10 sous tablette UT et elle Fonctionne très bien . J'ai fait confiance à Canonique pour ce travail nt mais voilà qu'ils prefere abandonner UT.
    Ce que j' aime Dans Ubuntu c'est l'absence de pub quand J' ouvre une application . Dans la convergence c'est de pouvoir utiliser une application en mode bureau classic comme pour utiliser libreoffice. En ce moment, je rencontre des bug en convergence toutes les applications qui vont sur le web ne fonctionnent pas (navigation, gmail, G+, etc.). les application s'allument puis se ferment. Il n'y a que Firefox qui fonctionne mais je n'aime pas trop, je préfère Chromium car il me fait la traduction, il mémorise mes mots de passe et j'ai accès sur tous les supports

    Hello everyone,
    I agree with all these with regards, I am on the Aquaris M10 under UT tablet and it works very well. I trusted Canonical for this work but now they prefer to give up UT.
    What I like In Ubuntu is the lack of ads when I open an application. In convergence it is to be able to use an application in classic desktop mode as to use libreoffice. At the moment, I encounter convergence bugs all applications that go on the web do not work (navigation, gmail, G +, etc.). The applications turn on and then close. There is only Firefox that works but I do not like too much, I prefer Chromium because it makes me translation, it memorizes my passwords and I have access to all media

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