Sailbook and Facebook Basic Back button changed functionality

  • After OTA5 upgrade I am getting really frustrated on facebook.
    There's no longer a back button at the bottom of the screen in sailbook so I have to scroll back to the top of a post to go back.
    Also, whenever I try to go back after reading a post I no longer end up on the same place on my feed - it's as if it refreshes the feed like when you select home.
    Has this something to do with the update, the apps, the browser, or have facebook changed something?

  • Hi,

    I know Facebook has done changes.
    I'm working on a new Sailbook version for the new qtwebengine so please wait a bit more, i hope i have soon the first version ready. On my Sailbook i have a <- into the above corner to go back, i know i come also when i go back into my home feed.

  • Thanks Xray2000, keep up the good work.
    I look forward to seeing changes in the Sailbook app. 🙂

  • I am using the morph browser to access FB, until things work better on sailbook,I will go back then,but the videos etc work.
    And the browser is fast
    Thanks guys

  • I have the same issue using facebook in the morph browser, I just cannot keep track of where I was in my feed when clicking on a post to read it.
    It must just be a new facebook "feature". 😞

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